“When we first came to International Karate Centers with Jake, we were not sure what to expect or what this could do for Jake. My wife and myself were really hoping this could help him with his low self-esteem and his ADHD. Jake has been in the program for 9 months now and I can honestly say that I have seen great improvement with both issues me and my wife were concerned with. As a parent I was so proud and happy to see Jake believe in himself and realize he has the potential to do anything he wants. Jake had only been with the program for 4 to 5 months when he received a letter in the mail from International Karate Centers stating that he was nominated by his Sensei to be in an elite Black Belt training program. This made Jake and us very proud of his accomplishments. Jake is doing very well on his quest to be a black belt. As of today Jake helps teach younger children and lower belts and has currently qualified for the National Championships.
My wife and I would like to thank Jeff Ellis and his staff for what they have done for Jake.” Mike Kaiser
“I would like to personally thank you for 3 years of exceptional teaching and leadership you gave my son Ryan at International Karate Centers in Strongsville.
In addition, your staff needs to also be commended for their skills and teaching. I feel you have a fine school that teaches excellent values to the students.
Since Ryan first started at your center I have seen noticeable improvement in his discipline, confidence, and self-esteem. These attributes have also been noticed by friends, neighbors and teachers.
Thank you again and best wishes to you and your family!"   
Michael Staniszewski
 Shihan Ellis
 I'm writing to thank you and your instructors for what were five great years of karate for our son Ivan. He started when he was five and Sensei Laura, Sensei Larry, and yourself provided him different environments over those five years that helped his development mentally and physically at the appropriate level.  I know for a fact that his self-confidence and self-esteem were improved tremendously over the years because of Karate, not to mention the fact that he really enjoyed himself along the way.  You instructors allow kids to compete in a nonthreatening way, they advance at their own pace and never feel compared to other kids. Unlike other sports, they are always participating, always improving. The discipline and respect they are required to follow is refreshing , particularly in today's world. As an aside I also liked all the new  "fun" activities you have added over time-his little sisters still ask if they can go back to "the balloon place with the nice lady (Laura)"  So thank you to you and your instructors for the dedication and sacrifices you and your families make in order to teach karate.  
Fran Florentino    P.S. We wish you would open a satellite here in Augusta, GA !!

"Alex has benefited in numerous ways from training at International Karate Centers. We are pleased to see Alex's confidence grow, his behavior improve as well as his attitude. Alex is more focused [helps with homework], listens better and is overall better behaved since he started karate training at International Karate Centers. The entire experience has been extremely positive."  
Michael Norris


"My experience with Jeff Ellis' International Karate Centers has been great. For the last three years my son has attended the After School Program and Summer Camp. It has helped him to do better in school and every day life. The discipline gained has taught him to focus more and has helped him to be a more responsible person. It has helped him to try to succeed in everything that he does whether it be school, sports or being a person in general”. George Applebee
"Jeff Ellis' International Karate Centers is a real treasure for anyone who wants their children to develop high self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. I would recommend this center to anyone who was interested in helping their child be the healthiest, happiest and best they can be!" Jeanne Garcia
"When we saw your sign for the Summer Martial Arts Day Camp, we knew that this would be good for our son, Hayden, but we didn't know that it would change his whole life."  "Hayden was very self-conscious about himself.  Always looking at himself in the mirror and pointing the bad things out.  He now thinks he can take over the world.  His confidence skyrocketed!  Along with his confidence, there was a big improvement in his grades as well."  "Karate for Hayden has improved his social skills and the way he interacts with family." Jackie Gringle 
"My son's self-esteem has been boosted; his confidence, and his grades have improved. He also has a greater respect for others through the help and guidance of Shihan Ellis. There are many karate schools out there but I feel that the International Karate Centers' instructors' knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed."  Lori Shannon 

"I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to enroll my daughter in your school. I have not only seen an increase in her physical strength and agility but she is showing improvement in her studies as well. The school has helped enforce the importance of commitment, showing concern for others, and in taking pride in accomplishments."
 Richard General
"As Nick and I near our black belt tests I have looked back on the past 5 years. At this point in Nick's life I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember a time before karate. When I initially enrolled him I never realized the effect that your program would have on him. The role that you, Sensei Whelan, Sensei Rickard and Sempai(s) Soat have played has been immeasurable. I cannot tell you how often I get complimented about Nick's compassion. People are impressed that a 10 year old will look at them square in the eyes and when asked how he is says "great, thanks for asking how are you?" When I get home from work he greets me not with requests for things but with a "hi dad, how was your day?" "If I said to Nick, you know what, I'm tired of going to karate why don't we just quit, we're almost black belts, we know everything we'll need to know to defend ourselves. I know his answer would be, you can quit but I'm not. Nick's goal is to study karate his entire life. My goal is to make sure he can. Thank you for helping me do that..."     Ralph Febbo
"We wanted to enroll our son into a program that would benefit his discipline, respect, self-esteem and would be fun also. This program exceeded our expectations"   Dave Ruben