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Through our confidence building martial arts programs and great instructors we will give your child the self-esteem and confidence boost he or she needs to become a true winner in life.

Need to get in shape?  Get there with martial arts!  Our martial arts classes and speciality fitness programs will give you the edge in mind and body! 

HOW TO START -- Introductory Course Specials -- Call or Contact us for current / sale prices!

     International Karate Centers "Starter Course" gives a person the opportunity to gain "hands on" experience to see if they are interested in learning more.  You will have the opportunity to see the facility, meet the instructors and learn the basic techniques required in our classes.

      As part of the Starter Course, we will show you how inexpensive it is to study the exciting and life improving art of karate at International Karate Centers.  It will give you the experience to make an educated decision for yourself and your child.



Starter Courses

  Starter Courses in our traditional martial arts classes includes the karate uniform and TWO FREE private or semi-private lessons. 

     In our Martial Arts Core Strength program the Starter Course gives you the resistance tubing and TWO FREE weeks of classes.

Call or Contact us for current prices on any of our Special Introductory Courses!