Specialized Martial Arts Program For Home School Children That Is GUARANTEED To Build A Strong Level Of Confidence And Improve Discipline in 30 days or Less!


Secrets of Amazing Self Confidence and Incredible Self Discipline For Your Child Finally Revealed!

If you are looking for a physical exercise program that is a lot of FUN and can raise the level of self -confidence and self -discipline and much more in your child then I really have something in store for you.

Every Child Should Have Self-Confidence


Self-confidence is a quality that every child should have and confidence helps children with better decision-making as they get older. Also, it gives a child the strength to stand up for themself or avoid unhealthy peer pressure.  Studies also show that children with a strong self-worth and confidence will be less likely the victim of bullying by others.

"My son's self-esteem has been boosted; his confidence, and his grades have improved.  He also has a greater respect for others through the help and guidance of Shihan Ellis.  There are many karate schools out there but I feel that the International Karate Centers' instructors' knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed."

Lori Shannon, Dance Instructor


"Alex has benefited in numerous ways from training at International Karate Centers.  We are pleased to see Alex's confidence grow, his behavior improve as well as his attitude". Michael Norris, Police Officer

The Benefit Of Self-Discipline

I am here to tell you that our Martial Arts Programs do in fact help children achieve improved Self-Discipline.  The kind that helps our students finish a task like doing home work and studying for a test . The self-discipline that will encourage focus and concentration producing better test scores.


"We wanted to enroll our son into a program that would benefit his discipline, respect, self-esteem and would be fun also. This program exceeded our expectations"

 Dave Ruben, Business Owner


My name is Jeff Ellis, owner and master instructor of International Karate Centers, the most respected family martial arts centers in the area for over 35 years.  We were located in the same location at Pearl and Westwood for 21 years.  You probably noticed our recent move 1 mile south just north of Drake Rd. at 17112 Pearl and next to Shinto Japanese Restaurant.  Frankly, we out grew the old space years ago and we now have a new larger state of the art facility to serve our students and families even better than the great service we are already known for. 


By the way, I have organized the Annual Child Safe Community Day in Strongsville since its inception.  The Child Safe Day was born as a result of requests from community members from the great reception to the stranger danger and safety awareness programs I have provided to many area schools and groups over the last 30 years.  Nearly 1,000 people attended this year. I am also a Strongsville Rotary Club member.


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Our Promise:  To Give FUN Martial Arts classes that

Provide Positive Measurable Results With

Self-Confidence, Discipline, and Respect In 30 Days



Wouldn't it be great to know that a fun experience of

learning exciting martial arts skills this year will

actually help your child improve qualities that will help with

work and study habits that last FOREVER!.  


 "I'm writing to thank you and your instructors for what were five great years of karate for our son Ivan. He started when he was five. I know for a fact that his self-confidence and self-esteem were improved tremendously over the years because of Karate, not to mention the fact that he really enjoyed himself along the way.  Your instructors allow kids to compete in a non-threatening way, they advance at their own pace and never feel compared to other kids. The discipline and respect they are required to follow is refreshing , particularly in today's world".

Dr. Fran Florentino, Physician


P.S. We wish you would open a satellite here in Augusta, GA !

 Take advantage of the Home School enrollment promotion.

FUN Personal Development That Contributes To Future Success


First, your child starts with an introductory course consisting of a few trial lessons just to see if there is interest to continue further and an evaluation too, to see how we can assist with areas of confidence, discipline, respect, etc.


This introductory course is usually valued at $39.95, register by November 15th and it's only $19.95. Save $20.00. However, if you have two children it's BUY one get one free. Save $60.00 dollars! If there is not another child consider parental involvement.  Register by November 15thth and save$$$.

PLUS your child receives a FREE Official Uniform TOO! This special offer is for ages 5 yrs. old and up.


During the introductory starter course your child will be introduced to the  fun basic strikes, blocks, kicks, and simple self defense movements. It is a perfect way for you to observe your child's interest and to see how we approach the instruction so you can see first hand if our values are consistent with what you would like to see in a program like this.


Your child will be instructed how to use these exciting skills safely and responsibly and to know when and when not to use these skills. Students at International Karate Centers consistently will listen to discussions about the using the skills they learn the right way and in fact, the more we know about the martial arts the more a student understands that it is easier to just walk away from a situation.  As a result, students at IKC do learn their martial arts correctly and that we do not practice or play karate or martial arts on others - we only use the skills if we really have to.  With this philosophy parents are assured that their child is learning the right way.


Register Your Child or Children Today !

By Calling 440 238-9390 Limited Openings!!



Following the introductory course, and completion of the evaluation, if accepted for enrollment your child will be eligible to participate in the home school karate and martial arts classes offered at International Karate Centers.


Classes will take place in our Strongsville location on Thursdays 1:00 pm.-1:45 pm. for ages 5-7. Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:45 pm.-2:30 pm. for ages 8 & up. Class size will be limited.


This home school martial arts program is the perfect fit for any parent that has children that could benefit from a greater level of Self Confidence, improved Self Discipline/Control and achieve a higher degree of Self Respect and Respect for Others like Parents and Family.

You will witness these qualities improve first hand as thousands of parents from International Karate Centers have over 35 years.  It is quite a satisfying feeling when a parent provides an opportunity for their child knowing terrific results will take place with the experience. This is especially true when the  positive results are long lasting and prepare the child for future success.




Jeff Ellis

Building self-confidence, self-discipline, & respect in children for over 35 years


P.S. Don't forget to take advantage of the introductory offer and save $20.00-$60.00 register by November 15th cALL nOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT BEFORE CLASSES FILL!


Over 35 years of providing quality martial arts instruction

[ Character development

[ Classes designed to suit ones age and maturity level

[ Traditional values

[ Smaller class sizes for individual attention

Jeff Ellis' International Karate Centers accepts children 3