Making a decision about something can be one of the most anxiety producing events in a person's life because it means facing the possibility of change. People fear change because it jerks them out of their comfort zone and places them in an environment where things are new, different and unpredictable.
The best way to maximize your life and combat the fear and anxiety of making a decision about something new is to clearly identify and clarify your goals.

Identify Your Goals
The first step in making any kind of decision is to clearly identify your goals. Not every person finds it easy to know what goals to set until they are asked the right questions.
When the right questions are asked and answered, a light will go off and a clear image of what is wanted can come into focus. You need to take yourself into the future and imagine your ideal life; see it, hear it, feel it, taste it and smell it. Make the image of this ideal life as powerful as you can so that you are totally excited and motivated by it. Ask yourself:
~ How clearly can you visualize your ideal life?
~ What were your significant achievements in the last year?
~ What are the things important to you that you still have to achieve?
Clarify Your Goals
After you've identified your goal, it's important to state it in a positive, rather than negative way. For example, saying that you want to execute this technique well is a much better goal than Don't make a stupid mistake. After you have positively stated your goal, you should write it down and display it in a place you can see it. The process of writing your goal can appear to have some elements of magic about it because it:
~ Allows you to focus on exactly what your goal is, not just a general feeling of what it is
~ It gives you a future record against which to measure your progress
~ Allows you to constantly visualize your goal thereby increasing your daily actions and motivation towards it

     When you decide what goals you want to accomplish, you are taking control of your life and future. Each time there is a setback or distraction, try to bring yourself back to your original goal. By remaining focused on the strong belief in your goal, you will be able to make informed decisions about what actions to take that will banish fear of the unknown, fulfill your goals and maximize your life!

ENTER YOUR GOAL HERE!  Then go to the "Newsletters and Special Event Forms" page to print the "Goals form", fill it out and turn in to your instructor.  ALL students must turn in their resolutions this month!

Posted By :  Kaitlyn (
Posted :  1/18/2015
Comments :  My goal is to try not to forget stuff in my school also at home and my sparing gear for karate!
Posted By :  Kaitlyn (
Posted :  1/20/2014
Comments :  My goal is to focus better and earn as many belts as I can.
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Posted :    10/20/2020
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