Karate For Your Child: What School Is Right?

You will find several issues to bear in mind when thinking of a martial arts school for your young person. Here are quite a few things to search for in a martial arts school.

Could the karate teacher instill confidence in the student?    Which sort of programs does the school recommend? Make sure the instructor shows you how the karate school programs instill self esteem, have a constructive effect on the child's self image, and show a student how to make use of more self confidence in public situations. 

To illustrate, Master instructor Jeff Ellis of Jeff Ellis International Karate Centers said "In karate training, we teach in groups, based on rank. But each student is progressing at an individual speed. Moreover there's an emphasis on each student determined to progress themselves devoid of the pressure of being in comparison to someone else."

Ellis went on to say "When the student moves to another belt level, they know they did it by themselves. The result is a feeling of success and a dramatic raise in that student's self esteem."

But make sure your child isn't alone in their efforts. When asked about this, Ellis said "Our students are working together to achieve their common goals by helping each other with courtesy, politeness, and cooperation....all necessary values instilled through proper instruction at International Karate Centers. 

Can the karate instructor teach self control? Ellis defines Self-Control as "a person doing what they are supposed to do, and only that".

Could the school teach a variety of abilties? Does it teach your youngster blocking, striking, kicking, punching, and self-defense? Can your young person enjoy the teaching? Are they engaged? Most of this has to do with the quality of the teacher. 

Does your youngster discover skills that will aid them in new areas? To illustrate, following many months of training in martial arts, is the student much better able to be in command of their actions, have power over their temptations, and also make them really better students at school? 

Ellis stated "Once the student knows they can defend themselves from a bully, they have a choice...and the confidence...to walk away and feel good about that decision. These life skills can even help an adult in their workplace. A confrontation may not be physical, but the situation could provide pressure in a variety of ways. The confidence and control gained through traditional  karate practice will give that person the ability to better deal with any situation...at home...at school...and at their workplace.

Jeff Ellis is proprietor of Jeff Ellis International Karate Centers. Locations include 17112 Pearl Road in Strongsville Ohio and 720 Avon Belden Road in Avon Lake Ohio.. For more information go to http://www.jeffelliskarate.com or call at 1-440-238-9390 Jeff Ellis Karate Centers serve the Strongsville, Berea, Brunswick, Hinkley,North Royalton, Middleburg Heights, Medina, Columbia Station, Avon Lake, Avon, Bay Village, Shefield, Sheffield Lake, Westlake, and North Ridgeville Ohio areas