How Can Martial Arts Training in Strongsville & Avon Lake Help You?

*****Mental Discipline***** 
Affects your daily attitude and the decisions you make when life challenges 
you with new obstacles.  Your martial arts training can teach you how to relax, focus, and maintain your control when the going gets tough.

Children with strong mental discipline are least likely to be susceptible to today’s increasingly challenging peer pressure anxieties, while adults that develop mental discipline learn to manage stress levels brought on by life's pressures.

Your martial arts training not only teaches how to cope with physical confrontations, but also how to avoid confrontations using proper body language and street awareness smarts. In today's world, hopefully you won’t need to physically defend yourself, but the newspapers are full of people who couldn't!

The best way to be successful at anything including defending yourself is to be prepared!  The best way to be prepared is to my practicing over and over and over again so you consciously and unconsciously know the material needed.  In the case of self-defense, the repetition will provide for an instinctive reaction with the appropriate skills to defend against the attack.

Summer is a great time to learn martial arts.  Achieve increased focus with self-discipline /self-control; Uplifting self-respect and respect for others like parents & family.

New Classes forming for Young Kickers ages 4- 6, Youth ages 7-12, Teens, Moms & Dads

Summer Break Introductory Course Special $39.95 include two weeks of class and FREE uniform.


Call 440 238-9390 in Strongsville 440 930-2530 in Avon Lake


Shihan Jeff Ellis