Becoming and being a leader requires many qualities one of which is Persistence.

Webster defines persistence as “the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people”

Certainly, most would agree that generally speaking anything worthwhile takes time, effort, and usually more time along with persistence.

 It’s that staying power that make a difference with accomplishing a task or goal that is important to you.

 I heard a message given recently by Dr. Kelly Brill addressing this topic and relating it to one’s faith.  In doing so she gave examples of individuals demonstrating persistence like Ghandi and Martin Luther King  for civil rights  These men and a host of many more persons this world has witnessed exercised their efforts for a beneficial purpose to benefit others required persistence.

Leadership of any kind as pointed out by Dr. Brill requires “enduring persistence”.

When considering the attainment of a goal whether small or enormous such as civil rights equality you must look at the big picture and have a vision that that includes staying power.  In other words be there for the long haul!

  Of course, along the way will be pitfalls, obstacles, negativity from others, and discouragement. 

  Access and re-access your goal and strategies with making adjustments as needed and maintain patience throughout.  Seek out persons that support your effort, cause or goal who can supply appropriate mentoring during your process of goal attainment.